Kiln Sparks

Kiln SPARKS Residency is back!

A paid one-week residency at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle Under Lyme

run by New Vic Theatre in association with New Earth Theatre.

Monday 10 June – Friday 14 June, 9:00am to 5:00pm New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme


This one-week residential course aims to expand the industry’s knowledge base for making theatre in-the-round and diversify the pool of Global Majority* backstage talent by providing the opportunity to work in a midscale, producing theatre.  

SPARKS is suitable for entry level and early career global majority people; 

  • Entry level sound and lighting technicians
  • Company Stage Managers who would like to expand their knowledge of technical processes
  • Early career Production Managers who would like to expand their technical knowledge
  • Early career Sound and Lighting Designers who have not yet worked in the round

There are 4 reserved places available for BESEA’s** out of a total of 8 places.

The course will be led by Vicki Amedume and participants will train in person with the New Vic Technical and Production teams and freelance creatives. Each successful participant will receive a £450 bursary plus per diems, accommodation at a local hotel or B&B and travel expenses to cover for the week.

After the course, the New Vic will fund a paid bespoke placement for two trainees to further their experience.

*Global majority is a collective term for non-white people of African, Asian, Latin American descent (including people with dual or multiple heritage), who have been racialised as ‘ethnic minorities’ and, who constitute approximately 85 percent of the world’s population.

**We use the term BESEA to mean anyone from the following countries and their diasporas who live and work in Britain. These countries make up an area that is known as East and South East Asia; Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

How To Apply

AUDIO APPLICATION: To listen to the Kiln Sparks Application form in audio file please click here and to listen to the Equal Opportunities form in audio please click here.

Applicants should send an introductory page with their name, postal address, contact details, education and training, and references, plus a further page outlining the following:

  • A summary of your experience of working in theatre or any other experience relevant to this programme (please keep response brief, to around 200 words) 
  • A brief explanation of why you would like to be part of this course (please keep response brief, to around 200 words)  
  • A summary of any particular skills or areas of practice you would like to develop or strengthen through taking part in this course (please keep response brief, to around 200 words)  
  • This opportunity aims to diversify the pool of Global Majority* backstage talent by providing the opportunity to work in a midscale, producing theatre.  Please describe your connection to the Global Majority community? (please keep response brief, to around 200 words)
  • Applicants are also asked to complete the Equal Opportunities Form as part of their application, which can be found here.

to: recruitment@newvictheatre.org.uk by the deadline of: Monday 4 March

Applicants may also complete the application form online, through the online form here.

Alternatively, applicants are welcome to submit an audio recording of their application if they would prefer. If submitting an audio file, we ask that the application is submitted as individual audio files as follows:

  • In the first audio file, answer the introductory questions including name, contact details, education and training details and references.
  • Then, please record responses for each of the four bullet points above.

Please keep your responses brief and no more than 200 words for each statement. You may wish to record a separate audio file for each response.

Applicants should also state whether they need assistance or interpretation to take part in the workshop.

Please note: We ask all applicants to submit a completed Equal Opportunities Form as part of their application. If you are completing the application through the online form, you will be asked to complete the Equal Opportunities form as part of these questions before you submit your application. If you are submitting the application as an audio file, you may download a copy of the Equal Opportunities Form here to attach with your emailed audio files. Alternatively, if you would like some support completing the Equal Opportunities Form, let us know.

Successful applicants will hear back from the New Vic by the end of March.