Accessible Performances

Audio Described performances

Audio description is a verbal commentary that explains what is happening on the stage during the parts of the performance where there is no dialogue. The description does not interfere with the performance but fills in the gaps, so that anyone with a visual impairment can follow the plot fully and independently.

You can find further details, including Introductions to upcoming Audio Described Performances, on our Access page here

Audio Described Performances

Charles Dickens’ The Haunting
Sat 15 June 2.15pm

Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves
Sat 12 October 2.15pm

The Three Musketeers
Sat 21 December 2.15pm
Sat 18 January 2.15pm

Captioned performances

Captioning is a boon for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people. It is like sub-titles for films: as the actors speak, their words are shown on a screen so that you can follow what is said, when it is said and by whom.

Captioned Performances

Charles Dickens’ The Haunting
Tue 11 June 7.30pm

Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves
Tue 8 October 7.30pm

The Three Musketeers
Sat 11 January 2.15pm
Sat 18 January 7.30pm

 Relaxed performances

Relaxed performances are designed to welcome audience members who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment; those who might be anxious about attending the theatre, those with autistic spectrum conditions as well as those with a sensory and communication disorder or learning disability.

For our relaxed performance there will be a more casual approach to our Front-of-House etiquette, a relaxed attitude to noise and movement amongst the audience and a number of adjustments made to the staging, sound and lighting effects. Additional resources are available in advance from our website, such as a ‘visual story guide’ to prepare audience members for their visit to the theatre; giving detailed information about the nature of the performance. On the day of the relaxed performance our Front-of-House staff will be available to assist your needs and we will have created breakout areas for use during the performance from those who need time away from the auditorium.

This performance will enable attenders and their families, who may at times feel excluded from attending the theatre, to experience a first-rate performance in a welcoming environment. Everyone is very welcome to attend our relaxed performances, regardless of whether or not you feel you require the special conditions on offer. Relaxed performances are an inclusive, enjoyable experience for all.

Relaxed Performances

Sat 11 January 2.15pm