Some of Maryellen Butler's affordable art portraits on display in the New Vic bar. Some of Maryellen Butler’s affordable art portraits on display in the New Vic bar.


Spring/Summer 2024

A Woman Within – Maryellen Butler
Mon 4 March – Sat 6 April

Colour Memories – Susan McCall
Mon 8 April – Sat 11 May
Inspired by the colours, light and textures in nature Susan McCall makes energetic semi-abstract paintings combining drawings and memories of the physical experience of being immersed in the landscape.

Quiet Spaces – Mark Lippett
Mon 13 May – Sat 15 June
Quiet Spaces focuses on unpopulated and overlooked landscapes, both urban and natural. The work features forests and abandoned buildings from across the West Midlands where nature has taken over places we leave behind.

Light-Hearted Glimpses From Everyday Life In ‘The Potteries’ Post-War Years – David Hopwood
Mon 17 June – Sat 20 July
A mixture of happiness, humour, romance, nostalgia, a heap of quirkiness, and perhaps a hint of sadness. The exhibition hopes to make people feel pride in our heritage, remember and smile.

To find out how to exhibit your work, please contact our Front-of-House Department.

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