Become a Patron

Patrons are the lifeblood of the New Vic, essential to the ecology of the theatre – please join us now

It is no overstatement to say that patrons’ regular contributions to the theatre are more important than they have ever been.

In order for the New Vic to come back stronger, we need to grow the number of New Vic Patrons who regularly support the theatre. Become a patron and help us with monthly or annual donations, through Direct Debits that fund our creative work, as well as community and education projects. There has never been a better or more important time to join us.

Be a part of our future…now is the time to join us.


Choose your monthly donation – the amount that you give is up to you. Every penny will be put to use straight away, every month.

New Vic Patron

For any donation up to £9.99 per month we will credit you as a New Vic Patron.
This donation could be used to help maintain the New Vic’s auditorium.

Patrons’ Circle

For donations of £10.00 – £19.85 per month we will credit you as Patrons’ Circle.
Your monthly donation could help towards the cost of touring a play tackling domestic violence to youth and community groups.

Centre Stage Patrons

Donations of £19.86 a month or more we will credit you as a Centre Stage Patron.
A generous donation per month could cover the cost of an educational practitioner to lead drama sessions in local schools.