Covid & Visitor Information

Welcome back to the New Vic, we’ve missed you!

We can’t wait to see you at the theatre soon. If you haven’t been back to us for a while, you’ll be pleased to know that our team are still the same friendly faces, but you will notice that a few things might look slightly different as we’ve got a few things in place to ensure a safe space for our visitors, and our staff.

If you’re planning a visit to us, please feel free to wear a facemask when walking around the building, and during performances.

We have a number of hand sanitising stations situated around the theatre for customers to use on their visit to us.

We ask everyone to be mindful of other customers who are not in their immediate party when visiting the New Vic as some visitors may prefer to have some extra distance when moving around our venue.

If you’d like more information about what we have in place at the New Vic ahead of your visit, please see below for some frequently asked questions. Our Public and Building Risk Assessments are also available to view on this page.

We hope you enjoy your visit to us!

What time are you open?

We’re open from 10.00am until 7.30pm on performance days; 10.00am until 6.00pm on non-performance days. We are closed on Sundays.

Our Cafe is open until 3.00pm and our Box Office and Shop are open until 6.00pm each day (7.30pm on performance days).

Are the toilets open?


Please sanitise your hands before entering the toilets. Then follow the WHO guidelines on washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds afterwards, before using sanitiser once again as you exit.

Our soap dispensers and hand sanitisers are all contactless and our Staff will monitor them to ensure safe practice.

Can I use the lift?

Yes. The lift is available for customers to use to access the first floor.

Please only use the lift with members of the same household bubble, sanitising your hands on both entry and exit.

Do I need to book a table for the Cafe?

You don’t need to book a table in advance, but if you’d prefer to, you can book online here ( We can accommodate up to 75 people in our cafe space at any one time.

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, we are currently taking both cash and card.

What do I need to do when I arrive if I’m visiting the cafe?

Once you have come in through the front doors, make your way upstairs and our cafe host will meet you and take you to a table. Take a look through our menu (which are now single use, disposable menus) and then one of our servers will come over and take your order.

You might notice increased levels of cleaning during your visit but our friendly welcome and locally sourced, great food, remains the same quality you’re used to!

Do I need to bring my own PPE or sanitiser?

We have contactless hand sanitisers throughout the building but please bring your own facemask if you are visiting us.

If I, or someone in my group falls ill whilst on site? what do we do?

If you or a member of your household feel unwell, we ask that you do not visit the New Vic.

If you or a member of your party feel unwell whilst at the theatre, you should leave as soon as possible and inform a member of staff (from a safe distance) before leaving. If you are unable to wait outside or leave immediately (ie. rely on public transport) a member of staff will be able to direct you to a safe room to wait in isolation.

Is sanitiser available and where will the stations be?

Yes, we have a variety of contactless sanitiser stations in the building, these are; on arrival; outside each lift door; outside each toilet; cafe entrance and the bar area.