The Snow Queen: Assistant Director blog 1

The Snow Queen: Assistant Director blog 1

31st October 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and here at the New Vic we are just three weeks away from the opening night of our Christmas production The Snow Queen. The first two weeks of rehearsal are now complete, we have two more weeks remaining in the rehearsal room before we move into the theatre to add in all the technical elements.

The 12 strong professional cast and 24 strong young company are terrific. It is shaping up to be a spectacular show.

The first two weeks of rehearsal are about sketching the shape of the entire show and embedding the ground work; this makes for a busy rehearsal room. Sessions are divided into time with our director Theresa, with our Composer James and our choreographer Bev, then we have sessions in which we bring all three of these elements together. Scenes are explored, music composed and movement set to the music. A New Vic Christmas show demands that our company of actors have to be incredibly versatile. Not only do they need to talented actors, able to bring the words off the page… but they have to be able to dance, sing, puppeteer, play musical instruments and this year…rollerblade…! At the end of rehearsals on Saturday we pieced together Act 1 for the first time…and what an exciting first half it is going to be…

This is my third Christmas show at the New Vic, having previously appeared in A Christmas Carol and last year’s Robin Hood and Marian, however, this year I won’t be stepping foot on stage, instead I take on the role of Assistant Director.

It’s a joy to be back working at the Vic and I look forward to sharing glimpses from behind the scenes over the coming weeks through this blog.

Bryn Holding
Assistant Director on The Snow Queen

Article by Becky Loton

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